Mistletoe Informative Speech

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If I talk about Mistletoe many people will think of Christmas day. Christmas is a big festival celebrated by the people in the winter season everyone enjoy a Christmas holiday by singing, dancing, party, meeting each other or making a christmas tree and that you can not forget is a mistletoe. Before christmas will begin many song writer and singer will perform or make many beautiful song about christmas but I want to show you the song about mistletoe from Justin Bieber because the story about mistletoe is really interesting. Many people do not know history of mistletoe.Mistletoe was known many years ago. People believed that mistletoe is often used to celebrate the arrival of winter. Evergreen plant which has been used to decorate homes. It is believed that mistletoe had magical powers to cure anything from the children of women difficult to resolve the toxic range. Viking considered mistletoe a plant…show more content…
That it does not depend on the ground. It is based on a tree like the "parasite" in our own home. And someone shall be classified in the category of Mistletoe to this parasite. It a parasite that is considered who suck food to feed the tree Mistletoe you will have little effect as the caller's white or red, depending on species. Which in gum, which is toxic to the skin. I do not have that information If ingested be? But not likely to die Never eat the same. In that song mistletoe from Justin Bieber was tell story about the most beautiful time of the year that time lights will fill the streets and he should be played in the winter snow but he did not do he would be under the mistletoe he won’t to miss out on the holiday but he can not stop staring at his girl face while other people gathering around the fire or he should be chilling with his family but he did not do that he would wait his girl under the mistletoe. In conclusion is Justin Bieber have to wait his girl under the Mistletoe ? how can be romantic or love

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