Speech About Gratitude

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I was chatting with a friend who seemed to understand human nature. She said, “No matter where you go, you can always come up with a reason to complain.” We complain about the weather, about government policies. We complain about the neighborhood dog that always bark or the canteen food that turns lousy by the day. We complain about our jobs, our roads, the traffic and the programs that suck on TV. You can feel grateful for anything- how about your best friend? Or your laptop? May be a carpool? Or the view outside the window? Gratitude is an immense power that we can use to grow our inner harmony, make loving connections, and even enhance our wellbeing. If you need more bliss, satisfaction, and vitality, gratitude is plainly a significant quality to develop. It is a totality of heart that moves us from confinement and trepidation to freedom and affection. When we're acknowledging something, our sense of self moves off the beaten path and we connect with our core. Gratitude brings our awareness into the present moment, which is the corner where wonders can unfurl. The more profound our gratitude, the more we see life with deeper sense of…show more content…
Today, every lane out there has a slimming and beauty institute… but stop. Stop talking to yourself or the girls in your life about ‘healthy eating’ if what you actually mean is, “I hate your baggy tummy; it freaks me out.” Stop mistaking self-criticism for grooming lessons. Fitness, in fact is a worthy goal towards building vitality and energy, for that, you need to start from a place of love; not hate. Start! Start admiring aloud the things you really do admire. Show what you love and value. If you think Malala Yosufzai is fantastic, get a group together to read her inspirational story. If Sudha Murthy, Maya Angelou, Arundhati Roy, Vidya Balan or Mary Kom is your hero, say so
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