Porsche 918 Porsche Case Study

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2 TASK 1 PORSCHE 918 SPYDER 2.1 HISTORY OF PORSCHE Porsche Automobil Holding SE, or Porsche is founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931. The company did not produce any vehicle under its name but provided consultation services for vehicle development works. One of the initial assignment that the company was assigned to do was to develop and passenger car for Volkswagen which resulted in the birth of the Volkswagen Beetle. Soon, the components for the Beetle are used to create the company’s first car, the Porsche 64, a racing car. During World War 2, Porsche produced designs for heavy tanks for the Nazi. This resulted in the founder, Ferdinand Porsche, to be arrested for war crimes when the war ended. During Ferdinand’s 20-month imprisonment, his son, Ferry Porsche, decide to build his own vehicle as he was unable to find one in the market that suits his liking. What he did enables the company to move on from the difficult post war times and start anew while waiting for the release of his father. In 1948, the Porsche 356 was revealed to the public. It was built in a saw mill in Austria and thus becoming the company’s first production vehicle. As of now, Porsche is one of the biggest…show more content…
The idea was developed from a blank sheet of paper, this enable the designers and engineers to create it with no compromise concept. The car will be based around a very efficient and powerful hybrid system, thus the car needs to show the potential of hybrid car in a different level. It needs to have both improvement of efficiency and performance without one properties being compromise at the cost of the other. This is also how Porsche develop the 911, the most successful sports car in the world for 50 years. This new concept for hybrid vehicle will then set as a foundation for the Porsche cars of the

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