Pros And Cons Of The Roman Republic

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The Roman Republic was a great at providing common good in some areas, whilst not in others. Here, I will provide information and my opinions on how The Roman Republic was a good or not so good republic. The Romans were great at providing public services. The Republic had all the entertainment, bathing, roads, and water for the people. The entertainment service was either Chariot racing or Gladiator matches. The Gladiator matches were held in the Colesseum, an arena filled with slaughter. Did you know that 50% of the participants died? Or that over 5,000 animals are killed on the first day? The Roman Republic also had baths, which actually weren’t your ordinary bath area. These baths actually had libraries, gymnasiums, and even sports courts! There were hot baths, cold baths, and just plain baths. And the best part is that The Romans didn’t discriminate Patricians and Plebeians, The Romans shared baths too, if the Plebeians and Patricians were the same gender of course. An easy A in that category. Roman rights were…show more content…
The Romans economy was agrarian and slave-based that was as good as parallel to the simplicity of our economy. Every farmer needed to pay grain taxes and monetary taxes, but with those two in the way, it was nearly impossible to gain surplus crops. So as a farmer, you would almost rarely ever get extra things with the crop currency. All the taxes you had to pay were crop taxes, meaning you never needed to spend your other currency such as gold or bronze coins. You rarely ever were broke in Rome, that would only be if you were a slave, had slave parents, or just super unlucky. The main currency used was grains, which were mostly used to pay taxes, rent, and buying regular things at the market. Romes economy is one of the best things about it. Rome had a great economy, it couldn’t be any better. A good way to finish off with an

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