Persuasive Speech On Space Exploration

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During a speech about space exploration at the John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the president of the United States declared, “Fifty years after the creation of NASA, . . . Our goal is . . . to live safely beyond the Earth for extended periods of time, ultimately in ways that are more sustainable and even indefinite” (Chenes 14). Along with many other American citizens, the president himself believes in exploring and conquering the space frontier. Many citizens and people across the world believe in the benefits of going beyond our reach in the solar system. The profits of uncovering space include a multitude of benefits that contain things such as acquiring more natural resources, learning to cultivate crops on other planets, inspiring…show more content…
To partake daily of this mystery, to wonder, to feel and never flatline emotionally, lies at the core of the idea of manned space exploration. It is there to help each American—in the context of his or her own life—soar and explore. (Chenes…show more content…
We are running out of room to live, land to farm, food to eat and water to drink. Not only are we running out of the necessities that are needed to sustain human life, but were running our planet into the ground. We are slowly depleting all of our non-renewable resources such as coal and oil. We emit toxic waste into the air and ozone. We are a people of war who are one click of a button away from global nuclear disaster. Not only is there a chance of us destroying our home, but the chance of cosmic disaster from a star explosion or an asteroid shower. To avoid the extinction of the human race, we need to colonize other cosmic bodies, the best candidate in which is Mars. Mars is a candidate to colonize because it has gravity, solar energy, necessary chemicals and even water (Gott). Now due to solar radiation we could not stay on the surface for long periods of time. We would have to live underground until we adapt or finds ways to overcome the challenge at hand. Once we get to Mars and set up what we need to survive we can began to send more people and move the overwhelming amount from Earth onto the red planet. Once we establish a colony on Mars, Richard Gott describes that, “This colony could start with just eight people. Frozen egg and sperm cells could be used to add genetic diversity. If couples had four children on average, the colony could double

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