Space Alien Research Paper

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I believe the aspirations of children are molded and formed by the outside world. Society itself has given me my interests and ambitions. Being a child, deciding what I wanted to be as an adult was not too difficult. Anything that I thought was interesting was where I thought I was headed. Eventually, I knew exactly what I wanted to be, I would spend hours thinking about the how adventurous and interesting my life would be. Gradually, as I grew, I learned that choosing a career path that suits you perfectly is not easy. One of the first movies I had ever watched as a kid was “Toy Story”. The film included many references to an extraterrestrial extent. Anything out of this world had fascinated me. From the “Space Aliens” to “Buzz-Lightyear”, everything contributed to my urge of exploring outside of Earth. One of the scenes in the movie had made my flame of inspiration even stronger. Buzz-Lightyear had jumped and flew as far as he can to escape the restricted environment, I wish to defy it like him and go “infinity and beyond”. As I grew, I would always look at the night sky. The sky provided me with endless entertainment. It had always kept me interested, the curiosity it had sparked amongst me was the best experience of all. I’d wonder what it would be like to live amongst the stars, or even explore them if I ever had the chance.…show more content…
School had allowed me to share my knowledge as well as expand it. One day, my teacher had mentioned the word astronaut, it immediately grabbed my attention. She explained how they explore things outside of Earth and live in space. I finally found out what I thought my future career would be and I put endless research towards it. I would spend every day watching television shows on astronauts as well as reading things about them to the best of my ability. I had loved the idea of becoming one as an adult and I thought it was set in stone for

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