What Was The Role Of Women In The Progressive Era

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The Progressive Era, between the late eighteen hundreds and the early nineteen hundreds, was a time of urbanization, immigration, and industrialization. When Theodore Roosevelt became president, he created an addition political party aside from the democratic and republican parties, called the progressive party. This new party was implemented to influence and improve not only political, but also social reform throughout the United States of America. Women associated themselves with this party and not only took it upon themselves, but made it their mission, to push reforms in order to better society. Most of the female advocates in the reform efforts were classified as married women who were a part of the middle-class. Large numbers of driven women would gather publicly in “social clubs” across the nation to spread awareness of current issues and petition for legislation. The determination of these groups of women shaped society in measurable ways.1 Having such strong, opinionated voices helped encourage many other women to express their thoughts and rights freely.…show more content…
This movement would make it legal for women to vote in any political election. Although the fight for woman’s suffrage began back in the mid- eighteen hundreds, it was until the twentieth century when it received the most attention. Women rightfully and respectfully protested by picketing in Washington, D.C. They continuously tried to persuade the president, as well as the rest of congress, to follow through with the passing of the Nineteenth Amendment.1 The amendment was passed in August of 1920 due to the hard working women who made the issue of voting equality clear and fought for those rights. This changed the history of politics indefinitely and led the United States to where it stands today, with equal voting rights for all

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