Southwest Airlines Case Analysis

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Introduction: Maverick at work introduces how business can be success in the current overcapacity, oversupply and overload market. The key for success is “playing it smart in the over-competitive market”. However, “playing it safe is no longer equal to play it smart”. The successful approach is to think how to stand out among the competitors through original, innovation, unconventional, open-minding approach with business. The chapters of “rethinking competition” and “reinventing innovation” will discuss how distinctive strategy and bottom-up brainpower can lead to business growth. Rethinking Competition: Maverick describes a person who refuses to follow the conventional regulations, often acts in independent way. The author encourages corporates…show more content…
Southwest airline is established in the United Stated, the world’s largest economic airline. The purpose of Southwest is to democratize sky in airline business, which make a difference business model in the marketplace. It positions itself as freedom fighter for customer affordable to fly with low airfares. When the competitors offered luxury services, routing flight through a central hub, Southwest airlines insisted in their core value of business–offered affordable airlines services to customers. The luxury services meant the cost which might pass on to their customers. In other words, southwest airline rejected this disruptive strategy to defeat the opponents. Southwest airline insisted on adopting point-to point system such as keeping its flight flying several hours longer each days and no reserved-seat policy. Fact approved that the strategy of Southwest airline was right. Eventually, Southwest airline achieves sales growth that lead it to be a leader in the U.S. airline industry. These strategies lead Southwest to obtain a greater market value than others combine airline companies. Thus, the belief of Southwest airlines is “Even though business strategies and market position change from time to time, purpose does not…show more content…
Strong team building not only refers to workforce, but also refers to the collective intelligence with network. Collective intelligence is about several groups of intelligence by collaboration of individuals. Along with emerging information technology, the leader has to rethink how to collect talents from all over the world with network to work with the company. The author takes Goldcorp, INC. as a good example. Goldcorp is a gold producer company. It used an open-source software to share the company’s geographic data to the public and offered huge amount of prizes to attract people exploiting the gold inventory. This new approach of collaboration of brain power is called open–resource innovation. The Goldcorp was acquiring a mine which was a low productivity investment. But the mine was located in the Red Lake, which accounting for nearly 10 percent of gold of Canada’s total production. The dilemma was difficult to define the best locations to transition from exploration to drilling, and how much time and expending it costed. Therefore, the founder Rob McEwen decided to learn about trends in information technology at MIT to find out the best solution for exploration. He found that the program of Linux, which was an open-source software collaboration written by worldwide programmers. People who were passionate to volunteer their time and their professional knowledge to write the software. This is a

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