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Hemophilia “When we were growing up, I was always bruised. But it wasn’t until I had my teeth pulled at the age of 11, and I bled for 10 days afterward, that I was diagnosed with hemophilia B.” (Schwager, Danielle). Hemophilia, which is sometimes referred to as Christmas disease ("Learning About Hemophilia”), is one of the many genetic disorders that affects people in our world today. A genetic disorder is a disorder that is carried through generations in the chromosomes of a person. Hemophilia is a blood disorder that can affect the safety and social aspects of life for hemophiliacs. Science has been used to diagnose, treat, and aid individuals with hemophilia. When someone has hemophilia, their blood is not able to properly clot ("What Is Hemophilia? What Is Haemophilia?"). There are…show more content…
The most frequent treatment used is called replacement therapy. This is when the clotting factor needed is slowly dripped into the blood of the hemophiliac ("How Is Hemophilia Treated?"). The clotting factors for treatment therapy can be created from the human and animal blood. A new technology being used is in transgenic animals such as sheep. With transgenic animals, the code for clotting factor needed is put into the sheep’s gene. It is then produced in the milk of the sheep and can later be used for people with hemophilia (Damon, Alan.). Some people may argue that this solution is not good because it means genetically modifying an animal. People with hemophilia have to be careful of getting even the smallest of cuts because they may have major bleeding. It can often affect the social aspect of their life. Certain sports, exercises, and other activities are dangerous and hemophiliacs may choose to refrain from participating ("Frequently Asked Questions about Hemophilia."). This can be a problem for young people who want to join sports but cannot because of the

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