South Park Satire

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Jennifer Kearns English 1302 SP1 R. Bell Saturday, September 27, 2014 South Park Irony South Park is one of the most unremarkable shows on television that influences multiple of individuals to have a horrific behavior, for that it emphasizes vulgar language and sexual content. South Park is not a show that should be promoted for mature adults to watch , because it manipulates your mind. This television show is a bad influence on mature adults because what they watch is processed throughout their mind, which influence their behaviors throughout their life. The principles of South Park is that it corrupts your mind to believe that society is exception to you. Not only does South Park comment on outrageous sexual humor topics, but it also showcase…show more content…
Basically, it's a list of the hottest guy to the ugliest guy. Once the guys heard the girls have a list, they create a scheme and stole it. Kyle is considered the ugliest and Clyde is determined as the cutest. After finding this out, Kyle went into a deep depression and was thinking of burning the school down. Afterward, Stan started investigating because he knew something was wrong, so he went and interrogated his ex-girlfriend with all these questions, she told him the list was fake. The girls just said Clyde was cute, just to take advantage of him by get free shoes. They rushed to stop Kyle from burning down the school, but Bebe was pointing a gun from point range. Before all this occurred, Wendy call the cops and reported the innocent that is going down. In the end, Wendy had to wrestle the gun from Bebe which accidentally shot off and killed Kenny, who ironically was way across town eating cereal, so innocent, and had no idea what was occurring. After all this thrill, they finally decided to burn the list, so nothing else would…show more content…
Kip Drordy has a Facebook but has no friends and is depressed. One day, Kyle sees that this kid has no friends and thought he could use a friend. But after doing so, he regrets it because all Kyle's friend gradually deletes him and left him stranded on Facebook with one friend, Kip. As devastated as Kyle was, he keep Kip as a friend, because Kip would be devastated and crushed. Meanwhile Stan was having a hell of a time, because everybody was asking him to add him. But when he said no, his family and friends started acting childish, until he gave in. Finally Stan got the courage to delete his Facebook, but when he pressed delete, his profile virtually uploads Stan into Facebook. After doing so Stan plays Yahtzee against another person and beat them. Then he finds his profile, who is hosting a party for all of his Facebook friends, and beats him by playing Yahtzee, the board game. After Stan defeated his profile he was scanned out of the computer into real life. After all this occurred, Kyle is to overwhelmed to care about Kip's feelings that he deletes him as a friend. But as he deleted him Kip once again saw he had no friends, but in the blink of an eye, Stan send Kip all of his friends, and made everyone

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