Satirical Techniques Used In South Park

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South Park is a satirical show that takes place in south park, Colorado, a small rural town. The characters on this show are Stan an average kid with average parents, Kyle a Jewish kid with strict parents, Kenny a poor kid with violent and alcoholic parents, and last but not least Eric an overweight kid who lives with his mother. The show has been very successful for entertaining audience with effective use of satire from chicken pox to poverty, political issues, celebrity crushes, Catholic Church, or stereotype of different groups of people. In their most recent episode South Park aims to convince their audience that Oculus headsets does not have negative effect on human brain. Satire, humorous stereotype are the techniques that south park uses to get audience to their side of the argument.…show more content…
This showing that people who think that by looking at a game in three dimension makes a person feel trapped inside the virtual life of the gaming character. They also use satire to make fun of the people who think that playing violent games in Oculus can cause a person to react in the real life. In a scene a character name butters puts on the headset and punches his father in virtual reality to take revenge for all the time that he was grounded, then he goes on stealing, and ends up in the hospital. The use of satire is throughout the story since all the characters in the episode are computer programs, and there is only one character who is seeing all the virtual world in an oculus head set. Telling his readers that all the speculations toward the headset are false. However satire is not the only thing that keeps the audience to their side of the

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