Compare And Contrast Mussolini And Hitler

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Prompt one First and form most, Hitler and Mussolini differed in their government even thought their ideology is group together as right winged. Benito Mussolini was an authoritarian fascist that controlled a single state but King Victor Emmanuel III remained a figurehead. After the Reichstag Fire, Hitler, similar to Mussolini, established a single party state except Hitler controlled it with a dictatorship. Before Mussolini’s consolidation of power of Italy, Italy was under an economic distress after World War I. The after effects were high unemployment, five-hundred percent inflation, Italian soldiers returned without jobs, and fear of a communist revolution mainly because the witness of events in Russia during the postwar era. Also, Italians were unhappy with the Treaty of Versailles…show more content…
Published in 1925, the Mein Kampf , outlined Hitler’s political ideology and future plans for Germany. Hitler was an autarchy ruler who tried to create volkisch nationalism where the state is all important. He also used Lebensraum as an excuse to conquer countries. Hitler gained power by of the promising to repair the economy and with the SA providing welfare. The Nazis received support from the middle class, workers, and the unemployed. This is how the Nazi “rose to power on the empty stomachs of the German people.”(Hitler and Mussolini).Furthermore, Hitler battled communists that allowed him to gain the support of property-holders, bankers and industrialists and the extreme nationalist ideology gave the Nazis the support of the students, veterans, and army officers. Both Hitler and Mussolini had the support of people through their ideologies and executive actions. After the failed of Beer Hall Putsch, Hitler recognized he needed to use legal means, not force, to take power in Germany. Mussolini consolidation of power started with the parliament to pass the Acebo Electoral Law of 1923.With majority party having two thirds of the seats, fascists form a single party

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