Comparing Ethan Brand, Minister's Black Veil, And Young Goodman Brown

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In most of the Hawthorn’s stories the main character tends to go in search for sin. In many of his stories the main characters tend to be occupied in resolving their own desire with god’s direction to symbolize a particular religion or culture. If compared, “Ethan Brand,” the “Minister’s Black Veil,” and “Young Goodman Brown” the male protagonist are shown very simple human being who are trying to achieve their goal that they want. In all of the Hawthorn’s short stories the motivation behind portraying this figure among his battle is to persuade his readers with an ethical lesson that can assuredly help the individual determination his or her own particular pressures. In “Ethan Brand, the title character has turned into a bit of a nearby legend, the theme of stories told over pints of lager at the bar. Everyone in the town knows that Ethan Brand, who is a lime burner, has set his journey 18 years ago to discover more…show more content…
In the story, Brown leaves his young wife and devotes himself into the forest to meet a dark shades person like a devil. Brown struggles extremely between this relationship with unpardonable sin, his wife, and his community. Brown had many opportunities to come back but he decided not to and later participated in the ceremony in the forest, which, he is drawn in by the devil’s revelations. He has even consorted with “the deacons of many a church…the selectmen of divers towns… a majority of the Great and General Court… and the governor”( Young Goodman Brown). “He is shocked to find the most outwardly pure (his own wife, Faith, and his catechism teacher) at such an evil gathering” (Themes). Brown has seen the sin that there is in the world not in the forest with the devils. Therefore he returns to his home the next day confused and distrustful, with the hostile that he will never forget until his last

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