Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Video Analysis

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In the video psychologist Elna Yadin discusses Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), its symptoms and treatment of the disorder. PTSD is a type of anxiety that can be seen in people after they experience a traumatic life event. Examples of life events are warfare, car accidents, rape, and other forms of assault. 'Classic' symptoms of PTSD are flashbacks, depression, avoidance, and nightmares. Yadin discusses how PTSD can effect a person's life through an interview with a 25-year old women who was raped and suffered from PTSD. The women recounts the events leading up to her being raped by a family friend as well as the lengths she went to keep it a secret out of fear of her offender. Over the course of 5-years, the women began to withdraw from many elements of her life and avoid family, friend and anything else that could be associated with her rape. Some examples that the women gives are the smell of pine (she was raped in the woods), answering the phone, cold and dark weather, and country music. Over time her PTSD became worse in college with nightmares, panic attacks, and imagining dark figures in her room at night. Eventually, the women was able to talk to her mother about her rape and what she was experiencing for the past several years.…show more content…
Treatment consisted of both therapy and anti depressants. Over time, the women was able to relive her experience and work through her anxiety. Towards the end of the program, she was even able to revisit the lake where the rape occurred. As part of the treatment the women was also able to work through her issues with intimacy. While she occasionally is in situations that increase her anxiety levels, such as new experiences, she is now able to control her anxiety. Yadin states that the women's experience with PTSD and her treatment can be seen as a classical case of the

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