Sexual Assault In The Invisible War

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Sexual assault is seemingly rampant in the US military, and yet somehow goes unchecked; in this documentary we learn why and how this is possible. The Invisible War is a 2012 documentary written and directed by Kirby Dick that addresses sexual assault within the U.S. military. This is an investigative film that helps the watcher understand why a rape epidemic is happening, as well as why it hasn’t been stopped. Individuals joining the military should be able to anticipate comrades they can trust, ability to put pride in their efforts, and teamwork within the ranks. Instead these soldiers experience betrayal and abandonment from their squadron and commanders. A new study released by the Pentagon informs us: Results of a new survey showing that 26,000 people in the armed forces were sexually assaulted in 2012, an increase of 40 percent over two years. The survey also found that of these assaults, only 3,374 were reported and only 302 of the 2,558 cases pursued by victims were prosecuted. (Sexual Assault)…show more content…
In the beginning of the documentary many women are interviewed, and speak about their personal experiences within the military. We learn what branch of the armed forces they joined, and their reason for doing so. Some women enlist from a sense of duty, some because their father or grandfather served, others for the discipline and training they would receive. Viewers then learn of the sexual assault that these soldiers endured while in active duty. Men are also interviewed, and we learn that sexual attacks are not limited to female

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