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Being a part of the Social Work Association at Alabama A&M University was rewarding yet very interesting. As a member of the association throughout my experience, I was able to help contribute new ideas for the association, voice my concerns, and help rebuild the program. When I first entered into the program, I was a sophomore in college. Like many other social work students, I was unaware about Social work meetings and the activities that took place. It wasn’t until my last semester as a junior I realized that being a part of the association was very imperative and also important for the social work portfolio. Although my experience with the program was not as lengthy as it could have been, I was able to contribute my ideas such as suggesting…show more content…
I was happy that we had undergone a new executive board that granted us a chance to voice our opinions. One of the concerns I had was the association’s advertisement. Many reasons I and many other students missed out of many conferences, activities, and community projects that the social work association was a part of because of poor advertisement. Being in the program gave me the opportunity to voice my opinion and help create a change. The executive board began to create different committees within the organization so that we could create a stronger foundation and association. For an example, the association began a fundraising committee for fundraising, a media committee that handles all of the advertisement and…show more content…
I had the opportunity to connect with other members from the association and network. I also had the opportunity to serve as a server during the pancake breakfast. This gave us an opportunity to raise money or our association. The pancake breakfast tickets were five dollars and at the door. This breakfast consisted of all you can eat original, chocolate chip, and oatmeal pancakes with bacon or sausage, and orange juice or coffee. Not only did this serve as an avenue for us to fundraise, but also a way for us to bond as an organization and

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