Is Candide Good Or Bad

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Candide is the main character of the novel, he has experienced two different worlds. Candide has believed his teacher that everything is perfect in the world, but crucial reality have destroyed his dream. Candide fell in love with Baron's daughter, so he was kicked out by Baron. Candide kissed her on her hand he got a kick on his back. “He chased Candide out of the castle with a series of kicks on his backside.” (pg3) Candide was not a bad person, but bad things happened to him. Even Cunegonde too, she did not do bad things, but she got hit by Baroness. And, Candide was a good man, but later these bad things happened on him, he turned into a bad man, he tried to kill Baron's brother. It was a good thing to Candide himself, but it was a
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