Rap Music And Violence Summary

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Denis Herd, a professor from the University of California at Berkeley, talks about role of changing images of violence in rap music from 1970s to 1990s. The author explains how the study of rap music and violence is misunderstood and is not what it seems. She believes former studies done on rap music and violence is dysfunctional, so she decided to formulate her own study on the correlation between the two. A previous study on rap music and violence that the author mentions states that violence is almost an essential element to the genre, she disagrees with this study simply by the way that they came up with their conclusion. The way that previous researchers came up with their conclusion is not efficient at all, they looked up keywords containing…show more content…
Her way of conducting the research between the rap music and violence was more ideal compared to studies that were done before her. I consider that one of the strengths that this article has, because the keywords that were being looked up to consider a song violent or not were not evaluated how they were put into the song. The previous analysis on this topic just seen that their keywords was showing up in the song so this song must be promoting violence, Professor Herd actually listened to the 340 songs and paid attention on how those keywords were being used in the song. The results of her experiment concluded that there was a positive trend in youth violence and violent rap music, however after a while youth violence started to decrease while violence in rap songs increased drastically. The whole purpose of this article and what the author was trying to persuade the audience to think that all rap music is strictly violence. After doing her experiments she finds that rap songs are violent but those are 96% of “gangsta rap” that promotes

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