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Meno is a dialogue written by Plato. Similar to the other dialogues, Socrates try to investigate the nature of virtue throughout the text. Like others, no answer given to the question, “what is virtue,” convinced Socrates. The dialogue initially begins with Meno questioning Socrates about how can virtue be taught. Socrates believed he does not know what virtue is. Therefore based on Socrates request, Meno attempted to define virtue for him, at three different points: one, virtue varies from one's action and one's age. Socrates argued that there is one thing that makes virtue, a virtue. This leads to the second definition, Meno said that virtue is ruling over people justly. However, Socrates illustrated the answer he wants to hear from Meno.…show more content…
On the other hand, Socrates said that he does not want parts of what virtue is, he wants to know what virtue is as a whole. They came across a confusing argument that ended up becoming what is now called Meno's Paradox. Meno’s Paradox was described by Socrates as, “a man cannot inquire either about what he knows or about what he does not know, for he cannot inquire about what he knows, because he knows it, and in that case there is no need for inquiry. Nor, can he inquire about what he does not know since he does not know about what he is to inquire and in that case the inquiry is impossible.” This implies that one cannot find the answer to, “what is the nature of something,” because he either know the answer so he will not find it or he does not know even the nature answer so he will not know if he came across it. This push us to the conclusion that inquiry about anything is either unnecessary or impossible. Throughout the readings, Socrates questioned people to find definitions about the nature of things; however, how can he actually know he came across one when he does not actually know the answer. Therefore, Meno’s paradox brought threats to the whole purpose of the Socratic

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