Wonder Boy Reaction Paper

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I-BS CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Hist 1 (04:00-05:30 pm) Reaction Paper on the Assassination of Benigno Aquino Jr. “My feeling is all we have to die some time. Now it’s my fate to die by an assassin’s bullet. So be it but I cannot be petrified by inaction or fear of assassination and therefore stay in a corner.” last words of Ninoy, Benigno S. Aquino Jr., few minutes before he was killed by a shot on a head. Ninoy’s life in politics started very early. He was the youngest mayor at 22, the country's youngest vice-governor at 27, then governor of Tarlac two years later. He became the youngest senator in Philippine history at 34.His many achievements, despite his few years of experience, earned him the moniker, "Wonder Boy". He is a wide-reader…show more content…
And so they won, and elected Ninoy’s wife, Cory Aquino as a successor of Marcos and the first ever woman president in our country. His death was the root and the very cause of the first ever Filipino movement, it made them prove or even people across the globe, that we, Filipinos can unite and fight for what we think is right. And so, it should be our motivation that we should also act and move as one if there’s another problem still yet to come. The movement also proved, that we can still be united, and I hope that in years to come, if there will be a problem that needs our unity to resolved, we can still act like that. Almost all may have the idea that Marcos was the one who ordered to kill Aquino because it was also obvious that Aquino’s main opponent was Marcos. Finding justice for Ninoy’s death, is not really and just about finding the killer or the one who ordered to kill him, rather justice can also be found on how the Filipinos made Ninoy as an icon, leader and the one who woke them up to move, to act and to fight for what they think is right. And so for many other people like me I can say, that Benigno Aquino Jr is truly a hero for what he did, he died fighting the Filipinos, but he didn’t die in vain because the Filipinos continue the battle he left, and so they

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