How Did The Greeks Influence Today's Society

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Ancient Greece was one of the most prosperous civilizations during its time. The Ancient Greeks thrived in many fields, including mathematics, science, the arts, and politics. The Greeks’ prosperity in each aspect led the culture of Ancient Greece to be influential as well as memorable. The geography, government, social class system, economy, and culture of Ancient Greece were significant aspects that allowed for the society to thrive and prosper. These aspects of Ancient Greece greatly influenced parts of the world today. Greece city-states were grouped together at the southern end of a very large peninsula(Donn,5-29-15). Smaller peninsulas jutted out of the main Greek peninsula(Donn,5-29-15). The Greeks needed a fresh source of water, and that is where the mountains really affected their development. Greece had a lot of mountains with many creeks and rivers. The water would flow all the way down the mountain, supplying the Greeks with fresh water(Don,5-29-15). The Greeks found it difficult to travel to different city-states because of the numerous amount of mountains(Donn,5-29-15). An easier way for the Greeks to travel was by boat, and they…show more content…
Sparta had major enemies with other Greek city-states such as Athens. However, Sparta was an ally with Athens against the invasion of the Persian king Xerxes(Cartwright,6-5-15). The rivalry with Athens began in the Peloponnesian war(Cartwright,6-5-15). The Spartans had two hereditary kings from two separate families. These kings were also priests of Zeus(Cartwright,6-5-15). Sparta was dominated by male citizens just like Athens. Women in Sparta had it a lot better than other women in other city-states(Cartwright,6-5-15). In Sparta, women can own their own land, often gained by dowries or inheritances(Cartwright,6-5-15). Also women in Sparta can play sports or even drink wine, which is completely prohibited in other Greek

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