Female Masculinity And The Tomboy Analysis

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Compulsory heterosexuality unifies normative and naturalized sexuality. It mandates reproductive herterosexuality, which is highly idealized in American culture and is portrayed in proms, weddings, etc,. However, tomboys threaten this type of reproductive normativity. In Oh Bondage Up Yours! Female Masculinity and the Tomboy, Judith Halberstam analyzes tomboyism and suggests that there are at least two forms of tomboys, “feminine and masculine” (Halberstam 193). Throughout her essay, she explains the difference between these two types of tomboys. First, the feminine tomboy is accepted in young girls only until they reach puberty. Halberstam means that this phase is okay for girls to act like boys because it allows them a freedom that will help transcend into womanhood, sort of like a learning experience to get them out girlhood. In contrast, masculine tomboys, differ in “clothing preference, preferred sex of playmates, preferred games, wishing to be a boy and the parent to whom they…show more content…
Audrey also directly says this to him and never knows what Alike and him are doing. In the next scene, it is very ambiguous about what the father wants to know about Alike. In response, Alike too is very unclear of what she wants from her father. Her father asks about her performance in school and then Alike replies and continues the conversation by asking him “what if someone said they like you like you?” They both are aware about what they really want to talk about, her sexuality, but are being indenial. She’s attempt to state to him her lesbian desire threaten her sexualtiy, he replies, “what’s his name?” Reminding and reinforcing Alike that she is a girl and should desire boys. Lesbian desire is when a female prefers a female companion and has sexual attractions towards her. In the end, the father represses Alike form saying her lesbian desire and leaves because he finds the conversation

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