Personal Narrative Essay: My Life On A Slave's Life

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I live on a sailboat with my mother and father, and for a time, my older brother. He returned to the USA to work and go to college just before his 18th birthday. I love him dearly, but I was thrilled he left. I immediately moved into his larger bunk and told him not to let the hatch cover hit him in the head on his way out. However, my smile quickly faded when my father reminded me that I was the only child left to wash the dishes. Sailing around the world with my family has its pros and cons. A few of the drawbacks are that we all have little space, privacy or routine. But, the upside to traveling by sailboat is we get so see ocean up close, tuck into hidden anchorages no other transporation can reach, and our home comes with us. My family and I sailed down the Mexican caost. We discovered neon carnivals, rivers filled with crocodiles and a St. Patrick’s Day festival where entertainers ran into the crowd with lit fireworks exploding from their bodies. We walked down the tourist infested beaches, where vendors desperately called attention to their wool serapes, woven bracelets and straw sombreros. I favored the candy jammed wheelbarrows that peddlers would trudge around town, filled with a kaleidoscope of goodies. We've crossed the Pacific Ocean and spent…show more content…
I met my first boyfriend, a Filipino boy. I introduced him to my hobby of geocaching, a form of Easter egg hunting using a GPS to locate hidden treasures around the globe. My parents insisted I take scuba diving lessons and I was hesitant because of all the horrible stories I heard about diving accidents. To my surprise, I quickly fell in love with breathing underwater and moving along the ocean floor at my own pace. The sea turtles calmly rode the current, watching me with curiosity from close range, and two barracuda followed like puppies as I explored the vibrant

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