Slavery, Dred Scott Decision, And Stephen A. Douglas

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What Caused the Civil War? The Civil War took place because of the unfairness between two races. Whites were given more advantages and opportunities than blacks. Whites were allowed in certain areas that blacks couldn't even think about entering. Whites were prejudice towards blacks, and thought themselves more superior. Above all, blacks faced segregation and whites were obviously favored. All of this led to the bloodiest war in history. There are multiple causes of the civil war, but three major causes are slavery, the Dred Scott Decision, and Stephen A. Douglas. The main cause of the Civil War was the opinions of whether slavery should be allowed. The North did not allow slavery but The South strongly favored their slaves. Different perspectives created arguments. The South looked at slaves as property while The North thought blacks were being mistreated and abused. Before the Civil War, many Southerners felt that their states' rights were being ignored. Another issue was that slaves would head north when they were escaping from their masters. The Constitution had promised that all such slaves would be returned to their masters. Eventually, as time passed, the began recognize that slavery was wrong, so many of the original Northern states banned slavery.…show more content…
This event was a huge impact on the Union and the South. Dred Scott, was a slave who chose to sue his master's widow for his freedom. He argued that his previous master, John Emerson, escorted him onto free soil in Illinois which made him a free man. The case had reached the United States Supreme Court, and they were against Scott. The Dred Scott case was a major event on the road to the Civil War. The Supreme Court's opinion, which stated that blacks had "no rights which the white man was bound to respect" and rejected the right of any territory to ban slavery within its borders. The North was

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