Essay About The Failure Of Reconstruction

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Reconstruction should have been a time of repair and unity of the nation, both the North and the South. Although there was successful passing of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments it was not a time of peace or trust within the South. The obvious answer is that reconstruction failed because blacks were not allowed the rights that were promised them during emancipation. Radical Republicans wanted to reform the black’s lives by granting suffrage, acquire land, and provide education. However, programs like the Freedman’s Bureau was underfunded and understaffed to accomplish this. Also, black codes prevented their freedom. It restricted their behavior, movement, and limited them to continue working in the plantation farms. Many areas legalized beatings and acts of terror. Riots and violence erupt frightening the African Americans from voting, not to mention the grandfather clauses and poll taxes Southern Democrats attempt to enforce. President Andrew Johnson did disagree with slavery, but was not accepting of racial equality. He often turned a cheek to the violence in the states and did not enforce punishment on white criminals and murders. It was not until organized militia and President Grant’s order for federal troops that supremacist clans…show more content…
They were demoralized and shamed after suffering loss in war and now their homes were destroyed, while society was filled around for them. It was a time of emotional chaos that isolated them and further fueled their hatred. Lastly, reconstruction was halted by politics. For the Republican Party it was important to achieve black suffrage to maintain their political position and force progress. However, with fear tactics and barriers at the poles, many former Southern Democrats returned to their political position. This halted progress of the Republican Party and only caused greater resistance to

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