Rapunzel Syndrome In Brothers Grimm's Fairy Tale

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There is a subtle line between reality and fantasy. So subtle that it’s easy to cross it. But if we do, are we sure we’re going to end up in a fairy tale? Here are some “fairy tale” syndromes that aren’t so charming if you take a closer look and will make you think twice about crossing that line. 10. Rapunzel Syndrome The syndrome it’s named after the main character in Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale with the same name. We all know Rapunzel had a wonderful long hair, which she uses to help the prince climb up her tower. The people affected by Rapunzel Syndrome, however, probably don’t have such a beautiful hair because… they eat it. The medical name of this syndrome is trichobezoar, a rare disorder in which the swallowed hair remains…show more content…
It’s a childish way of manage life instead of truly make front to whatever life brings. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-judith-rich/what-are-we-to-make-of-po_b_705565.html) (https://psychology350.wordpress.com/2012/05/02/pollyanna-syndrome-by-sara-walker-2/) (http://www.ragusaoggi.it/36572-il-gioco-della-felicita-la-sindrome-di-pollyanna) 8. Munchausen Syndrome I believe we all read “The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen”, a book written by Rudolf Erich Raspe in which the main character, the Baron Munchausen always lies or distort the truth in his stories in order to get more attention from its audience. In a similar way, those affected by Munchausen Syndrome invent illnesses and medical conditions they don’t suffer in order to get the attention of their loved ones or of the society. The affected ones have good knowledge of medicine and they can invent credible symptoms in order to determine the medical staff to begin various medical investigations, treatments and give them attention and comfort. The cause of this medical condition is still unknown, but it is believed that people

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