Jeffrey Dahmer: The Most Famous American Serial Killer

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What do you think of when you hear the word serial killer? Does a certain movie come to mind, or maybe does a TV show come to mind. People like to think that this stuff isn’t really can’t happen to them. Little do they know, but serial killers can appear very normal to an average person. You might see little thing that might be off but you normally can’t tell just by looking at one. A serial killer is a person who murders three or more people almost the same way, they take breaks from each killing to give themselves some breathing room. Let’s take a look into the human brain and see why most serial killers do what they do. Cognitive psychologist are the scientist who studies how your brain works and why we do certain things. They mostly…show more content…
Growing up he seemed just like an average boy until the age of six when he had surgery, this seems to be the turning point for making him into the man he was. Remember when we talked about psychopaths being emotionless or disengaged, well Dahmer seemed to be having symptoms like this ever since his family moved from Iowa to Ohio. Dahmer claimed that his motives towards murder started when he was around the age of fourteen. Dahmer's first victim was a hitchhiker named Steven Hick, he picked him up took him back to his place where they would have some beers and ultimately have sex. When Hicks tried to leave Dahmer struck him on the back of the head, after this happened Dahmer dismantled Hicks body and buried in the woods behind his house. Dahmer wasn't even a year out of high school before his first killing. Dahmer went on to attend the OSU but only for a little while as he dropped out and joined the Army. Only two years after joining the Army this discharged him because of his drinking problem, after this he returned back to his home to dig up Hicks body and grind up what was left so he could scatter them better. His second victim came nine years later. Steven Toumi who Dahmer met at a gay bar, after the bar they went back to a hotel room to proceed with more drinking and sexually activity. When Dahmer awoke Toumi was dead so Dahmer bough a large suitcase to carry Toumi’s body back to Dahmer's grandmother house. After Dahmer returned he proceed to have sex with the dead corpse, then he dismantled his body and dumped it into the trash. Dahmer's killing spree went on for thirteen years, he killed young men by offering the money and sex. His father tried to get him help multiple times. He asked the judges to give him psychological help before being released from prison due to a child molestation. After his was released from

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