Chance The Rapper And Oprah Analysis

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Chance the Rapper and Oprah also show traits of an idol by dealing with speculation. Both idols experienced moment where the public questions their actions. Chance the Rapper, for example, uses “Acid” which allows him to freely think about situations that would normally confine him. Chance tells HipHopDX’s Dan Rys the effects of LSD in his mind, "It’s less of a mind-altering drug to me…it just frees you and allows you to think outside of what you would normally write about or listen to or how you would evaluate a song that you were making… also to not be as confined to one way of thinking.” Chance thinks of Acid as a way to escape the monotony of daily life and comprehend different situations from different persevere views; however, this…show more content…
Scientist argue that some users mistake their enlightenment for an intense bliss, which in turn deceives them into believing that “tripping” is reality and impairs basic daily activity. Oprah has also experienced controversy within the public. During an interview on Daily Mail Oprah says, I think there's a level of disrespect for the office that occurs,' she said. 'And that occurs in some cases ... because he's African American. There's no question about that. And it's the kind of thing no one ever says, but everybody's thinking.” This comment created to a lot of controversy because some American took offense when Oprah stereotyped the population and labeling them as the racist generation. To grow as an idol, Oprah and Chance, one must experience speculation which leads to gaining more knowledge and exhibit traits of an idol. Chance The Rapper also shows traits of an idol by raising awareness for victims. Chance raises awareness for victims who have been subject to the violence with his hometown, Chicago. Chance shows awareness by including different anecdotes within condensed versus on his mix-tape: Acid Raps. At the beginning of Verse 2, Chances singing “ For future hoopers dead from Rugers shooting through the empty

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