Native American Culture Research Paper

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1. One of the stereotypes that Native Americans have is how they wear their clothes to worship their God on rituals. Compare to the Jews and to the Catholics, they also do wear specific clothes to also get their services done. These types of clothes are very important to these religions because is a way of respect and support for their respective Gods. Another way is their different ways of ceremonies that Native Americans, Jews and Catholics do to please their Gods. For instance, the Catholic makes their ceremonies in a specific day such as Sundays. Which are the most important ceremonies of the whole week and this is a day where the ceremony cannot be cancel just if there is an emergency. Native Americans are a very unique culture that…show more content…
This Catholic Experience can be compare with the Native Americans tribal traditions. Native Americans are a very unique culture that had many distinguished categories. Tribal Traditions are based on the varieties of different tribes on where focus on their way of looking, how they speak, what they eat, houses and different ways of rituals. As the Catholics believe that our life is just a hit on how God is like, the Native Americans also get a similar way of looking to worship their Gods by rituals in a way that is appropriate and similarities to their Gods. The basic belief on the Catholics is that God’s blessing is everywhere. It is imaginary because God’s grace cannot see it, the same way as the Native Americans do their rituals because they cannot see that their worship is being received to their Gods but they have imaginary view of what they are doing is pleasing their Gods. Many of the tribes have many rituals which are done with a purpose in many ways. For instance, in the book World Religions in America by Sam Gill mentions, “Girls’ puberty rites are performed throughout the region west of the Rocky Mountains. The Apache people call their girls’ puberty rite the Sunrise Dance. After an Apache girl begins menstruation, her family may…show more content…
A big disagreement has begun to take place between American Catholicism and Catholic doctrine coming from Rome about the role of women in the church. The disagreement is that is that young women are being use in the Catholic Church as acolytes which are people who are in charge to do the work on lighting up the candles in the church. For instance, in the book of World religion in American by Andrew M. Greeley and Paul Murray says, “The Vatican forbids this practice, not as matter of Catholic doctrine, but as a matter of disciplinary, probably because it fears that such young women might think they have a chance to be priests someday.” The women are not allowing by the Vatican to do this type of practices but the priests do not obey. For instance, since there is not a bishop in a Catholic Church, these things will be keep happening because these priest knowing that they are not allow to do it, they are still doing it. That is why these situations will not stop and this is a way of discrimination towards women. In the book Greeley and Murray mentions, “In the United States, however, women who may be indifferent to the possible ordination of women is often infuriated by wheat they take to be intolerable discrimination against their daughters.” These mothers do not like their daughter to feel ashamed of themselves and I can also view their daughter to feel the same

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