Epilogue To The Giver

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“Where’s Jonas?” Lily asked her father, earning a delayed reply. “He’s out for a morning ride, Lily-bily.” It was true, Jonas had left early that morning and had left a note on his bed saying that he was out for an early morning bike ride, much to his parent’s dismay. ‘How reckless of him, going out so early like that. He better be back by the Ceremony.” His mother murmured quietly, eyebrows furrowed to show her annoyance. “Oh, I’m sure he will.” Her spouse responded, sighing before he said this. Lily, shared his feelings, nodding at this. She then gasped. “Oh! I think I left something in Jonas’s quarters!” She ran to his door, and opened it. She gasped yet again, not believing what she saw. “Father!” She called. “Gabe is gone!” Lily’s father’s eyes held shock within them. He had felt something was different, and that was what it was, Gabe was missing. He was most likely with Jonas, and he knew he could trust him, but if he didn’t return with Gabe soon……show more content…
He’s with Jonas, I bet.” He called back as he walked over to Lily’s location. Jonas was a well-behaved, obedient boy, he didn’t have to worry! Why would someone like him do something bad such as running away, especially since he has such a huge honor, being the new Receiver-in-training and all. “Don’t worry, Mother! Jonas will be there by the time we arrive, I’m sure!” Lily told this to her mother as they rode to the Auditorium on their bicycles. She was sure that he was with the Receiver or Asher, or maybe even Fiona. When she told her parents this, they

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