Lynyrd Skynyrd Behind The Music Analysis

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The majority of ethos has to do with the credibility and trustworthiness of a specific source and how it was produced. Does the audience trust what is being said or is the character a reliable source when it comes to the topic at hand? In addition to credibility and trustworthiness, ethos includes the format and appearance of a text or visual context. Within the documentary, Lynyrd Skynyrd- Behind the Music, you will notice a wide variety of ethos. Credibility and trustworthiness will have control on the way the audience feels about the overall documentary. Within the documentary, you will notice that with every event that occurred in Lynyrd Skynyrd’s history was expressed by the actual band members, family members, and once even another famous individual. It would make a major difference if they recorded random individuals that had nothing to do with the band; therefore, the video is very credible and trustworthy. Along with relevant individuals, VH1 used pictures and videos that showed the proof of the…show more content…
To cope with the recent accident they relied on drugs and booze to make it through the pain. The band would drink and drive all the time. In 1986, Allen Collins got in a tragic car accident because he was drinking and driving ( ). In the accident his current girlfriend died and he was paralyzed from the waist down. He thought that this was the end of his musical career and it killed him watching the band perform and he could not be on stage with them. Little did anyone know that Allen Collins was going to bounce back in 1987 and start performing with his band again ( ). He gave each concert his all, while being constrained to his wheel chair. In January 1990 he got sick with pneumonia and passed away due to medical complications ( ). He was the fifth band member to pass away since the band started. They face many complications, but nothing could officially stop Lynyrd

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