Simple Oil Change

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A simple oil change is one of the best preventative maintenance the home mechanic can give a car's engine, since old oil develops contaminants and or basically becomes burnt, which can lead to premature engine wear, executing simple maintenance such as a changing the oil can save a lot of money over time. Changing the oil might be a mundane task, but a very important process. It involves the draining then refilling of the oil and changing with a new oil filter, but first we must make sure we have a set of clean new oil and filter as well as a small quantity of tools. Focus to what kind of car you are working on directs exactly what kind of filter and oil one's required. Individual cars use different varieties of oil, so make certain you get…show more content…
Additional wrench might be needed for the oil filter removal and an oil pan for clean and safe collection of the old oil are also needed. Choose a place to change the oil somewhere it won't bother you if the oil spills a little bit. It is a good recommendation to use a cardboard or something that can be handpicked and thrown away when done, so that oil doesn't get on the floor. No matter which way you elect to access the oil pan, make sure that you have someone around as safety observers. After jacking up the vehicle, find the oil pan and take off the drain plug with the socket wrench provided and let the used oil drain into the oil pan, make sure you are draining the old dark oil. After the oil comes to a very sluggish drip switch the drain plug, make sure it is cleaned off and the seal is tight between the plug and the pan. With the oil pan available now put it under the oil filter and gradually take it off. There will be a substantial amount of old oil in the filter, so it may run out over the side if not careful. Let the additional oil from the filter drain into the oil pan. Before replacing the oil filter, put a layer of old oil on the threads and the rubber gasket of the new filter using your

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