Communist Manifesto Literary Analysis

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In the novel The Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels you get an understanding of the true meaning of Communism and social class. The novel The Communist Manifesto is broken into four sections; the first is The Bourgeois and Proletarians, which discusses the theory of communism and the relationship between the two; second is the Proletarians and Communists which speaks about the correlation between the Proletarians and Communists; thirdly Marx and Fredrich speak about the Socialist and Communist Literature and speaks about the socialist works or writing; and lastly the fourth section examines and compares other parties to the communist party. The theory of social class is critical to understanding the class struggles…show more content…
That revolution came about from the Proletariat revolting against the Bourgeoisle. This revolution will not be the sane as past revolutions because the Proletarians do not own land so therefore they will have to terminate the private property agreement and consequently the classes will come to an end. While reading The Communist Manifesto most of the arguments and theories that Karl Marx and Fredrich Engles stated was knowledge that I had already learned from my class lectures. It was very reassuring to go back to my lecture notes and see that the theories that were written in the novel matched what I had learned in class. It was very reassuring to be able to fall back on my notes if something wasn’t clear in the readings. While reading this novel I got a better understanding of what Social Order really means and how social class can make such a difference in a society and without it a group can either prosper or fall. I truly believe in the theory that Marx’s introduces to the reader about Social Class and Social Struggles and how one class can consciously exploit another to gain more power. As stated above it was very assuring knowing that I had some previous knowledge of Marx’s and Engle’s before and while reading The Communism

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