Simon Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis

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Ralph and Simon are two interesting characters in Golding’s Lord of the flies, who are both motivated towards goodness. However, their differences are notable when examining the ideas of symbolism, human nature, and fear. At first, Ralph is a symbol of leadership. As he is elected, he also represents order, civilization, and democracy. He is born to a leader with his decent, sensible, and considerate behavior and intelligence. His behavior and sensible thinking seems to originate from moral guidelines, which he learns from his parents. He feels a responsibility for the welfare of all the boys on the island. His commitment to civilization and mortality is very strong. His one wish is to be rescued and return to his family, which he misses the most. On the other hand, Simon represents a Christ or Buddha like figure. Being an eight-year-old boy, his inner goodness, and kindness seems to be deeply connected with…show more content…
As the hunting begins, Ralph hits a pig with a spear and kills it. He feels good about hunting and gets caught up in the bloodlust and a craving feeling of killing and hurting arises. In a similar manner, when everyone jokes around to play pig hunting between the littluns and older boys, Ralph’s darker instincts emerge and overtakes his innocence to kill and hurt a littlun. In contrast, Simon reassures Ralph with a smile that he will make it home to his parents. He doesn’t give in to the savagery that takes place along the other boys on the island. The follows Ralph’s rules and reminds everyone of how they used to be before coming to the island. When Jack punches Piggy in the face, Simon helps Piggy to find his glasses. When the littlun discuss their fears of the beast at the assembly, Simon says it’s living within them and when no one understands him, he gives up trying. As Simon is the only one who is sensible and sane, he gets murdered representing the ultimate loss of innocence on the
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