Simon Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis

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In The Lord Of The Flies, Golding creates many complex and intricate characters, each symbolizing an important aspect of human nature. One of these characters is Simon. Initially shown as a minor character, Simon is set apart only by his fainting spells and benevolent nature. As the novel progresses, Simon evolves and becomes a critical part of the story. While he keeps his philanthropic and selfless qualities introduced in the beginning, we become aware of his intelligence, natural tendency to do good, insight, morality and the utmost importance of these characteristics and their meanings to the boys stranded on the island. In the beginning of the book, we see Simon’s altruistic and selfless behaviour, his naturalism, and his observant nature. After leaving Jack and Ralph,…show more content…
As he treads on, Simon embraces the nature around him and the wonders it presents. He thinks about the beauty of all the things found in the forest. This shows the reader his love and appreciation of nature. We are then shown his observant and perceptive side when he sits down to think silently. He notices all the little details, no matter how unimportant they may seem. We see this when he mentions the “sounds” of all the animals in the jungle. In the middle of Golding’s novel, Simon’s attributes are solidified with his continuous helpfulness and the seemingly endless kindness he shows to the boys around him. He tries to make everybody happy and expects nothing in return. After Jack and his choir return from another successful pig run, Jack finds entertainment in not giving Piggy anything to eat, who is extremely hungry and begging for some of the meat. Simon is given a piece as the boys (Jack and his choir) continue to take pleasure in tormenting Piggy. Seeing Piggy’s suffering and unable to stand Jack’s treatment of him, Simon immediately gives his portion
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