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The article Rhyme and Reason: Poetry for the Heart and Head by Kathy Perfect introduces readers to some of the positive learning experiences acquired from the study of poetry. She notes that poetry “[…] nurtures a love and appreciation for the sound and power of language. Poetry can help use see differently, understand ourselves and validate our human experience.” (Perfect 728) This ‘sound’ described by Perfect is often found in the musicality and rhythm of skilled poetic works. Many poets pay attention not only to the message of their writing—but also to the way in which it structurally flows. This careful attention to the aural appeal of poetry gives backing to Perfect’s later claim that “It is a genre especially suited to the struggling or unmotivated reader.” (728)…show more content…
The skilful use of sound devices like alliterations, assonance and onomatopoeias create rich oral phrases that attract readers to speak the lines aloud. Whitin in Making Poetry Come Alive, states: “[…] children love the sound of language, they thrive on the rhythm of a word of the flow of a stanza. Sound always comes first, understanding later.” (457) Individuals are exposed to this poetic form from an early age in the form of nursery rhymes and children’s stories; thereby creating a natural feel for the medium. Perfect writes, “This joy in the feel and sound of language is often the point of departure into a deeper love of poetry, not just for the young but for students of any age.”

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