Noah Vs Gilgamesh Research Paper

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Ea, who was the Greek God of creation , bend the command and spoke with Utnapishtim through a wall about the flood. Utnapishtim was to build a boat to survive the flood. “The flood lasts for seven days and seven nights until the boat comes to rest on a mountain top, where it remains for another seven days. Utnapishtim sent a dove to check whether the water receded, but the dove comes back, showing that the flood still covered the land. He then sends a swallow with the same outcome. Finally, he sends out a raven, which does not return to the boat. The raven is proof that the water receded. (Dalley, 1991) (Drazin, 2013)” The flood lasted only a week and did not completely cover the world. When one think of the great flood story, there are visions…show more content…
The men are different in character Gilgamesh is a social leader and warrior and Noah just an ordinary man or a man of common status. While Gilgamesh is so fierce that, the gods need to maintain control of him, whereas the Torah states that Noah is an honorable man. There is a fighting instance between Gilgamesh and a demon. In the Torah story, there are no demons . Gilgamesh has a phobia of being killed like so many people in the flood, but Noah is fearless and trustworthy of the ways of Yahweh. The goal that Gilgamesh epic main character is seeking is eternal life or to be immortal like the gods. The central idea of the Torah story of the flood is human behavior in way that is pleasing to Yahweh. In the Torah, Yahweh decides to destroy people because of their improper behavior and He saves the Noah and his family for their ethical behavior. In Gilgamesh, the gods condemned the people and a single god saves humanity. The two reasons to get rid of the humans are very different. In The Torah emphases on appropriate behavior and in the Gilgamesh flood centers on the noise caused by the humans. The numbers of people on the vessels are different, in the Gilgamesh there are only two people, Gilgamesh and his wife. In the Torah, Noah’s whole family is aboard the ark (eight persons). The flood in Gilgamesh lasted seven days and seven nights. Noah’s flood lasts forty days and forty nights or hundred fifty days . “Noah sends a raven first, then a dove twice. The dove later became a symbol of peace. Utnapishtim releases a dove, which found no place to land, then a swallow with the same result, then a raven which did not return showing that it had a place to land and food to eat. The raven is a symbol of violence. (Drazin, 2013)” Very fitting, since Utnapishtim is a warrior. “These differences are the result of the different worldview of the Gilgamesh author and the Torah. The two stories display has a

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