The DREAM Act: Equal Education For Undocumented Students

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Undocumented students have struggled economically, educationally, and socially in pursuit of a better life. Their dreams and aspirations can be crumbled due to regulations that are inflicted upon them. Oftentimes they are placed in situations outside of their control. As young people anticipate educational opportunities, undocumented citizens experience anxiety about their future. Even though citizenship issues stand in the way of equal education for all, undocumented students should not be excluded from the same opportunities afforded to others because of the potential of each students and the contributions they can make to society. The DREAM act stands for development, relief, education, for alien minors. It is a legislation that will allow…show more content…
They have the opportunity to obtain a college degree and contribute greatly to our economy without using taxpayers money. It is understandable why they would not support an illegal alien since they do not have the legal right to be here. The DREAM Act removes that as an argument. The undocumented students are not allowed to receive Pell Grants. "Pell Grants are federal student financial aid grants that do not have to be repaid. The grants are for low-income college students and are awarded based on financial need" ().They are only eligible for student loans or work-study programs. Student loans are loans that have to be repaid. This is the only thing that should be modified in the DREAM Act. Why would students who score poorly on standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT and need financial aid receive Pell Grants. When students with high SAT or ACT scores, who graduate top of their class, and are in need of financial aid are not eligible only because their background indicates their undocumented. If America values education like how they promote it then the DREAM Act should pass with this modification. This allows undocumented students access to benefits that their peers receive. It is equality amongst the students. Undocumented students would not pay cheaper tuition than U.S. citizens. But this Act gives "states the option to offer in-state tuition to students registered under the DREAM Act"…show more content…
These students live in fear and it overshadows them. It stops them from dreaming and having aspirations. "The more our talented students are forced into the dark in fear of being deported, the greater the loss in potential tax revenue" (Creating Economic Opportunities). If the talent of these students are wasted it effects the U.S. society as a whole (Creating Economic Opportunities). The talented DREAM Act students can bring more to the U.S. economy with technological advances, medical cures, new businesses, and improvement of the educational system. More productivity will be brought by these students. Also it brings healthy competition. The value of education will increase significantly because American students will see how they appreciate it and make the most of it. These views and actions can rub off them and influence American students. Americans students would have to work and study harder in order to keep up with them. This would be a sign of growth because they are competing for the common good. These students have no effect on admission rates of native born students (Dispelling DREAM Act Myths). American students would not have to worry about them taking their spots. It is only going force American students to better themselves and give more effort. Undocumented students have to take the community college route and then go to a four-year university. This does not have much effect on American

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