Aristocrat Leisure Limited: Case Study

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Aristocrat Leisure Limited is the largest gaming machine manufacturer in Australia, and is one of the largest manufacturers of slot machines in the world. The company produced its first machine in 1953, founded by Len Ainsworth. Aside from spinning reel slot machines, the company also has interests in gaming systems (a computerized network systems that manage slot machines), computerized card game simulations, electronic table games and linked jackpot system. Government Macau is a country in it’s own but it’s a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China. It’s civil law system based on the Portuguese model. To elect the leader you must more 18 years old. President of China XI Jinping is a state leader of Macau. Head of the government is Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai. Elections happen every 5 years and last one was held in 31 august 2014. Fernando Chui Sai On was reelected with 380 votes; he was sworn in on 20 December 2014. There is 10 political parties in Macau. Macau’s government is so stupid that it doesn’t have WHO(World Health Organization). There is a lot a people in Macau that are eligible for Military, but only males in Macau join the military. China takes responsible for Macau’s defense against other countries. Geography Macau is located in Eastern Asia,…show more content…
In other words, you can get about 8 MOP with one USD. Free trade is a policy in international markets in which governments do not restrict imports or exports. In 2011, Macau's free-market economy produced total exports of US$1.119 billion (MOP 8.94 billion) and consisted mainly of clothing, textiles, footwear, toys, electronics, machinery and parts. Macau's gaming and tourism businesses were fueled by China's decision to relax travel restrictions on Chinese citizens wishing to visit Macau. In 2014, Macau's gaming-related taxes accounted for more than 83% of total government

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