Causes Of Police Brutality

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Vince Hill D. Zlotziver ERWC 12 December 2015 Police Brutality For many years one of the worlds biggest issues has been police brutality. It is one the most controversial cases that consistently shows up in the news. Whether we agree or not there is a point where it is no longer considered necessary force. Police officers are often faced with many life threatening situations and are forced to act with quick reflexes no matter the outcome. Although, with this immense amount of power, comes a lot of responsibility. A major concern that many citizens have is if police officers are taught when necessary force becomes excessive. Many studies have shown that the main target of brutality are minorities. Through an adequate amount of research, we can thoroughly identify the causes of Police Brutality.…show more content…
An article from The New Yorker, titled I Got Maced at Summer Jam 2015 allocates about what Nicolas Niarchos had experienced while trying to see Kendrick Lamar Live. In the article he mentions that his group of friends had arrived to the concert late, and the entrance was blocked off. While asking police officers what was going on, they ask “ why people like us would want to go to an event for black people.” They were white. After, it escalated quickly from there, as police in riot armor had appeared. Shortly after, the police started to hold up cans of mace while people were peacefully asking what was going on. He then got sprayed with mace then, hit with tear gas. Anyone can be a victim of police brutality no matter the race, gender, or sexual orientation. (the new

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