Examples Of Bravery In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Bravery and courage are two important characteristics that should be displayed by a person throughout their life. Showing courage and bravery mean to be able to remove yourself from your comfort zone and to do something you want, despite the consequences of your actions. Many characters in this novel remove themselves from their comfort zone, and their actions result in showing courage and bravery. To begin with a character that demonstrates a vast amount of courage and bravery throughout To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Atticus Finch goes out of his way to protect Tom Robinson throughout the entire case. Atticus’ courageous actions show him risking his own life in certain situations. “In Maycomb, grown men stood outside in the front for two reasons: death and politics” (Lee page 193 chapter 15). Atticus goes outside to have words with Heck Tate, Heck Tate makes it clear to Atticus where he, and the town of Maycomb stood in regards to the case. ‘“I don’t look for any trouble, but I can’t guarantee there won’t be any…”’…show more content…
A great example of Dill choosing to individualize himself for his own personal benefit is by running away from home because he’s not happy with the way his parents treat him. By Dill running away from home it shows that he’s willing to do anything thing to ensure that his happiness is intact. “He had taken thirteen dollars from his Mother’s purse, caught the nine o’clock from the Meridian and got off at Maycomb Junction” (Lee page 187 chapter 14). Dill’s reckless actions show that he is able to remove himself from his comfort zone and preform actions and make choices that show courage and bravery. Putting yourself first, focusing on, and taking part in courageous actions to maintain your own self-worth and happiness is bravery and courage in yourself. In addition to Dill, another character displaying bravery and courage would be Mrs.
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