Divergent Series Vs 1984 Research Paper

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There are many comparisons that can be made between the Divergent series by Veronica Roth and the novel 1984 by George Orwell. Both works of literature are set in a dystopian society, ruled by a very closely watching leader with strong main characters who try to overthrow their dysfunctional government. One similarity from the start is the test that both populations take part in when they reach a certain age. In the Divergent series, once a child turns sixteen they are put into a room and put under a simulation. During this time they are met with multiple different options; their choices will determine which faction they belong to. In this book they are faced with five different factions to join. Each faction has a specialty or what they are known for. Erudite is known for being…show more content…
In the Divergent series, Erudite members wear blue clothing and typically have glasses even if they do not need them. Amnity members wear red and yellow clothing and typically braid their hair or keep it up. Candor members wear black and white clothing to show the difference between the truth and a lie. Abnegation wears grey, simple clothing to not draw attention to themselves and they are not allowed to wear makeup to make themselves look prettier (likewise, they are not allowed to look at their reflections, whether it be in a mirror or on the back of a spoon). Dauntless clades themselves in all black clothing, typically covering their bare skin with tattoos. The factionless cloth themselves in whatever they can find or whatever the Abnegation can donate for them. Likewise, in 1984 the outer party wears blue overalls. The inner party wears black overalls, which is not much different from the blue, but the difference in color gives the inner party an authoritarian look. The proles wear anything because in Oceania, they are not considered humans and therefore have no uniform to

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