Should Teachers Get Tenure?

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Teacher’s tenure is a policy that keeps teachers from being fired and is job security for teachers. Would keeping the current policy be better for teachers or should there be a reform? Should there still be tenure for teachers in the future? Or does it matter if the teacher has tenure or has a lot of experience if they are ineffective at teaching students in their classroom. On the website it says that tenure was created in the: “Early 20th century as a means of protecting educators from being fired for the wrong reasons” (Garrett 2013). Tenure serves a specific function to help teachers that have tenure not to get fired without a good reason. In my opinion I believe that the tenure policies need to be reformed from the old policies. In the…show more content…
The most serious problem is not getting rid of “bad” teachers; it is attracting enough very good teachers to the profession and keeping them there. (Donoghue 2014) The author believes that the problem is not teacher’s tenure or the ineffectiveness of teachers that are teaching the students in class in the low income schools but that finding or attracting the good teachers to bad schools and keeping the good teachers to stay and teaching the students there was the real problem. In “Should Teachers Get Tenure?” (2014) the author discusses that: “Opponents of tenure argue that this job protection makes the removal of poorly performing teachers so difficult and costly that most schools end up retaining their bad teachers.” Before teachers have tenure they would be dedicated but after they gained tenure teachers would be slacking off with trying to help students. If there were new policies or reform for the current policy of tenure then ineffective teachers would be able to get fired. New teachers would get hired rather than having ineffective teachers to continue to teach students. In “The Public Turns Against Teacher Tenure” published in the Wall Street Journal Paul E. Peterson states…show more content…
The tenure policy should be reformed so that the ineffective teachers can be fired and not have job security from getting fired. The tenure policy should be changed to the students performance in the classroom. He also stated that: “While most teachers are in favor of tenure and most don't like the idea of basing tenure on student test performance, only 41% of teachers both favor tenure and oppose using information from state tests when awarding it.” (Peterson 2014) In this survey even some of the teachers were agreeing with the idea of basing teacher’s tenure on the students’ performance while other teachers did not want tenure to be based on this and would rather tenure be based on the old

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