The Pros And Cons Of Pro-Tenure

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Before you can decide whether you are pro-tenure or not, you first need to know what tenure is. So for starters, the definition of tenure is, “the right to keep a job (especially the job of being a professor at a college or university) for as long as you want to have it (” The reason the people who are pro-tenure want tenure is for the job security. While the people who are against it do not think that it is necessary that they have tenure because if they are a “good” teacher, they won’t need it. So the question is, is there a common ground between the pro-tenure people and non-pro-tenure people? The people who are pro-tenure want to have tenure because without it, teachers can get fired “for virtually any reason” ( Some people think “that the families on the board of education could be hired and kept whether or not they are good…show more content…
What she means is the bad teachers, who need to be fired but have tenure, make tenure look bad and like the system is flawed. Goldberg said “Parents are not going to stand for it anymore. And you teachers in your union, you need to say ‘These bad teachers are making us look bad.” ” The more bad teachers make it through and receive tenure, the less and less the students will actually learn. Goldberg does make a good point, but the thing about tenure is that a bad teacher cannot be fired. Johnston also stated “Ah, so it’s not the kids who are the problem! It’s the system” ( I do think that both sides can agree on that statement. If they would change the requirements for tenure and keeping it, the system would basically be “perfect.” From the articles and websites I have read, there is a common ground for the pro-tenure and non-pro-tenure people. Actually there are two things. One, teachers could be given the choice on whether or not they actually want tenure. Two, to have tenure, you should have to keep up qualifications for

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