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The world is not as black and white as we would like to think. Yes, there is good and bad, but as suggested by Robert Louis Stevenson and his thought provoking novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, both qualities reside in everyone. Dr. Jekyll is an upstanding and austere man while his counterpart, Mr. Hyde, is a dwarfish fiend. Dr. Jekyll chose to explore his bad side after inventing a potion; one that had originally been invented to eliminate his evil side but it was later used for the opposite. He became addicted to the potion because it allowed him to explore these evil urges. He found in the end that this desire for evil was bound to devour him. Dr. Jekyll, along with all other human beings, found himself constantly battling between…show more content…
In the beginning of the story we see Dr. Jekyll as the common “proper” man of the Victorian Era, where austerity is expected. Dr. Jekyll has had to live up to such expectations from birth. He was born into a wealthy family and is supposed to carry on his family’s reputation and title. He was a man “with every guarantee of an honorable and distinguished future”(64). Dr. Jekyll, given this reputation from birth, is expected to be the classic gentleman. He plays the part well; calm conversations, a grand house, and a respected field of work. Even dinner parties with conversations where “the topic was distasteful; but the doctor carried it off gaily”(19). Dr. Jekyll handles even the dreariest tasks with his head held high, living his proper lifestyle well. He does as he is supposed to. He restricts himself to

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