A Streetcar Named Desire Comparative Essay

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Two-Point Perspective No two people are identical in their thoughts, feelings, or opinions. An individual's outlook, in general, is shaped by one's background and encounters in life. These occurrences and opportunities shape who a person is and any ambitions he or she possesses. Because everyone undergoes different experiences that affect his or her personality and aspiration(s), often time contrasting views arise. Similarly, to people in real life, those in literature also have certain characterizing traits, which are molded by their past and affect what ambition(s) drive them. Characters from the literary works A Streetcar Named Desire, “Everyday Use,” and The Metamorphosis have conflicting motivations, which in turn reflects an overall…show more content…
The cause for these types of interactions is due to Kowalski's suspicions about DuBois and the fact that they love a common person: Stanley's wife and Blanche's sister, Stella. They both care about Stella Kowalski and want the best for her; however, the two characters do not necessarily agree on what is best for her. DuBois and Kowalski are very different characters in many aspects. Blanche acts fake; very different than who she truly is. She talks sweetly and innocent and portrays herself to have social importance. For example, when Blanche first arrives in New Orleans, she seems surprised to see where Stella lives: an apartment complex called Elysian Fields that is not the biggest or the nicest place to live. Even though Blanche, who does not have a job, could not afford to live on her own at all, she still looks down on the apartment as if she is embarrassed that her sister is living in such a place (Streetcar). This is an attempt to make herself seem more appealing to others- for the truth about her past is less than desirable. Also, through the action of disguising the truth about herself, she is able to escape this past, which reveals one of her main motivations. Blanche takes a step toward

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