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“Small time, but in that small most greatly liv'd this star of England: Fortune made his sword”1, the Chorus describes King Henry in the Epilogue of the play and the reason of that description lies deep within the character of Henry V himself which fully unfolds as we follow the king around the incidents of Henry V. We've met Prince Harry in Henry IV Part 1 and 2 as the hot-headed and misbehaving heir to Henry IV who was “constantly in the company of lower-class types and who was constantly in […] trouble”2. In Act I, Scene I of Henry V, Canterbury and Ely are discussing Henry's newly gained graceful and ecclesiastical character, which almost seemed to be an impossible thing because of the wild ways of his youth3. Though this drastic change…show more content…
This scene also shows that he can be merciful, forgiving someone for a minor offence, as well as a cruel King as he dooms the three traitors to be executed. His own saying, “Touching our person seek we no revenge; But we our kingdom's safety must so tender […] that to her laws we do deliver you”9 already shows that he cannot be merciful if someone is a threat to his country. And as we see in Act III, Scene 6 he also shows no mercy for Bardolph and Nym that stole from a church during the breach of Harfleur, pointing out that it is important to respect French people and their law too. On the other hand, he is also merciful with Williams, who has basically insulted the King himself, and shows at the same time that he has still kept his humorous ways as he fools around with the soldier and Officer Fluellen. This shows that he does not take everything that seriously, especially not after having won the battle of…show more content…
He also has a deep respect for the French after all, yet keeps a tactical mind when it comes to battling them. But he also shows an emotional side, for example when he hears about the deaths of York and Suffolk or when he receives the message that they have won the battle. His human nature also breaks through when they talk about honour where Henry himself opens up that he enjoys being an honoured man13. Considering his other qualities though, that does not come off as

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