Swot Analysis Of Apple's Marketing Mix

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Marketing Mix 5.1 Product According to McCormack (n.d.), Apple having restrictions on their branding advertisements is why most of their advertisements seem similar. Due to not being the best in the market, Apple has contended to match equivalent high-end devices by HTC or Samsung. After lifting geographical limitations on AppleCare+ support, it allowed device owners to service their devices outside of their home country. Before the iPhone, iTunes was already around, and is the major attention grabber for the iPhone. Apple introduced its iPhone product line in 2014, concurrently presenting the next invention of its top model, the iPhone 6S and also its super-sized iPhone 6 Plus. With the iPhone 6 Plus, it is extraordinary, thinner and bigger…show more content…
customers on AT&T have several of selections available for them. Customers who prefer a contract can choose a standard 2-year contract for an iPhone 6S at promoted pricing, that will start at $199 for a 16GB. However, if they prefer an installment plan, which lets customers to upgrade after 12, 18 or 24 payments depending on the plan, the carrier also promotes the Apple smartphone through AT&T. Skimming price – Even with its higher price compared to other phones in the market, and Samsung introducing many phones to compete with iPhone, Apple customers are still loyal to the Apple brand and to iPhone. No discounts – iPhone pricing policy does not offer discounts, not considering discounts given in form of sales promotion or by exchange offers. Other than that, the iPhone’s standard price is maintained across the market. Below are the sample price plans in the United States. Storage Options iPhone 6S Total iPhone 6S Plus Total 16GB $32.41/month $777.84 $36.58/month $877.92 64GB $36.58/month $877.92 $40.75/month $978 128GB $40.75/month $978 $44.91/month…show more content…
Shares in Apple closed at $93.44 in the March quarter, hitting rock bottom since mid-2014, Apple chief described as “extreme conditions” in the global economy. Apple’s largest region in the Americas operating income reduced by 6 per cent, in Europe it reduced by almost 2 per cent. China however grew its operating income by 19 per cent (financialtimes, n.d.). 7.0 Implementation Activities In different departments, reports will be given by managers of each department stated by the steps in the action program. 1) Human Resources Department • Train new employee in customer’s service. • Reports on employee recruitment and performance of employees. 2) IT Department • Report the performance of iPhone 4S in testing process and in reality. • Report issues that occurred in the company’s website and the solutions. • Progress the new features and applications. • Upgrade iPhone 4S’s function and core processor. 3) Marketing Department • Report the growth of increasing new local reseller systems. • Increase and initiate products on social community pages, such as Facebook or Twitter. • Distribute promoting events according to plans. • Achieve the promotion approaches via printed and media channels. 4) Sales Department • Present promoting ideas and evaluate the budgets to the executives for the upcoming

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