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According to The Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics, journalists should seek the truth and report only the truth, be accurate, conserve the promises they make, furthermore be accountable for everything they do. The code of ethics is simple to follow, it is up to the writer if they want to follow it. If they do not follow the code of ethics, there are ramifications for the actions they do. In the film Shattered Glass, the fundamental character, Stephen Glass fails to stay true to the code of ethics. The magazine prides itself as being factual also being the only one in the President’s plane. As the film progresses Glass’ story begins to fall apart, and the facts do not add up and the facts, people and places are wrong. He…show more content…
The traits mold you into a remarkable person, in turn, can also lead to their undoing. Stephen Glass’ second editor, Chuck Lane, is the opposite. Chuck did not go by the code of ethics. In the film, the journalists made it seem he did not support any of his articles with facts. An editor is supposed to be the one who checks the stories that are sent out for people to read are based on facts and making sure the notes the journalist use were either on or off the record. If there are “holes” in the way someone checks information, should the editor be responsible for checking the quality of the information given? If the article is not based on facts, then the story that people are reading that someone wrote about someone else can ruin that person’s career and ruin their life. It is the same when an editor uses the notes from the reporter and when it is on or off the record. They failed at keeping the person an anonymous source and keeping it a secret when they are supposed to when someone asks. However, it is not only the editor’s fault for not checking the facts, it is also Stephen Glass. Chuck did not stand up for Glass when people started to accuse his stories of being invented. Chuck made Glass feel as though the world was out to capture him and being shoved into a

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