Sexual Identity In The Real Doll

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“The Real Doll” what a disturbing story. I was also confused about some aspects of the story, but what I got was a young teen or man is having a sexual relationship with a Barbie and a Ken doll. The Barbie is talking to him and they are immerse in this conversation. If A.M. Homes, was going for that whole shock and disturb vibe, he accomplish his goal. After I read the story, I did get some of the subtle meaning to the story. He seems to talk about our immersing sexual desires, be it heterosexuality, homosexuality, or other sexual titles. How we see our partners as something that satisfies our own desires. The narrator of the book seem to be struggling with his own sexual identity and maybe the Barbie and Ken Dolls was a safe way he can explore those needs without consequence. First all let me say I did not like or dislike this story. A.M Homes is one of those writers who does not sway about talking about sexuality, violence, and conflicting issues. She writes about taboo subjects that other writers would not dare to talk write about. In this…show more content…
It is a strange story of wife, wife’s lover, and the son, and community who are squashed by a falling object. The story from the very beginning starts off on the bad side. You know there will be troubling brewing. We know there is an affair, because the story is filled with so much innuendo about sex and sexual tension. The story never comes out and tells you there is an affair going on, but the writer leaves you with enough clues to figure out what is happening. The falling ceiling seem to represent the tension and the destruction of a relationship. It was the climax that seems to describe the feelings of the narrator. “The Real Doll” and “The Ceiling” are both about sexual desires and issues but, “The Ceiling” talks about it in a more subtle way. “The Ceiling”, was not just about sex, about betrayal and the consequences of those

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